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Vintage Costume Earrings


Working Hard

We are hard at work finding more clothing & footwear, as well as a little exhuasted from last weeks big rush at the shop.  More pics will be up within the week.

courtesy of

Haloween was Fun…

courtesy of

Vintage Haloween Costume…again

You may also want to be a “British/Eastern European Hitman”…

Greying Tough Guy…

or, Raging youngster…

Sunglasses, wig,  & leather jacket are form the shop.

Vintage Haloween Costumes

Here are two costumes put together exclusively with clothing, shoes, & accessories from No Relation Vintage. We have a presumed “Latino Snoop Dogg” Pimp & a “Mexican Manly Man”.  

Stop by and I’m sure you too can get a creative costume that surely no one else will have.

Bonus pic or pimp costume in the making…

Vintage Varsity Jacket

Vintage Sneakers

Vintage Labels Part VIII

Women’s Vintage Boots

This style is def all the rage this fall season.  Why not get a vintage pair & stand out…

1970’s Vintage Knit Hats


Vintage Bottle Cap

Vintage Bottle Cap


$7 a pop

Even more Custome Charm Necklaces

More Costume Necklaces

Vintage Costume Earrings

Costume Necklace

I wanted to show the interesting contours of this piece because it really stands out in size but also in sutle way.

Lord of the Rings

Very interesting costume rings.

Vintage Women’s Shoes

The above black heels are a near deadstock pair of Salvatore Ferragamo women’s shoes.

Vintage Gucci Purses

For an average price of $70; you can’t go wrong or waste time getting to the shop because fro some reason they seem to sell fast.

VIntage Pierre Cardin Men’s Shoes

Near deadstock pair of “Miami Vice” Pierre Cardin men’s laceless shoes.  Would go great with a haloween costume…


Sonny Crocket?

Sonny Crocket?

Original Air Jordan XIII

These are from 1998, in great condition in a size 11.  The price is $50, Great colorway too.

Women’s Fall Knits

Assorted Vintage Fall Clothing

Men’s 1970’s Goose-down Western jacket

Womens 1980’s Leather Jacket


Men’s Flannel in a narly color


Men’s 1970’s cardigan

Funky knited rabbit fur pullover sweater

Vintage Labels Part VII

Vintage Tees

Random-ness (Coming To America)

Spongebob Square Bob Bandannas salutes the NYC boro made famous by Eddie Murphy in Coming to America

On a side note this “Queens” background as portrayed in the movie & the background of the above picture is actually Williamburg; South 5th Street between Hooper & Hewes.  I know because I lived on South 5th when the nieghborhood looked so barren.