VIntage Everything


Vintage Winter Boots


Get em while you still can, some of these boots as you will see in coming posts are very unique.

VIntage Dunham Hiking Boots


These babies are great for the upcoming weather + they’re rad!!

Vintage Air Jordan 1 (1994-reissue)


These are the lovely Air Jordan 1’s reissued in orginal colorways.  They are a rare find & unfortunatly not for sale.  I thought I’d showcase them since the newer reissues are not as well made.

Vintage Heels for the New Year’s Parties


Vintage Ladies Cowboy Boots

Been away for too long. Here are some neat women’s cowboy boots->111308_no-14111308_no-13

Vintage Haloween Costumes

Here are two costumes put together exclusively with clothing, shoes, & accessories from No Relation Vintage. We have a presumed “Latino Snoop Dogg” Pimp & a “Mexican Manly Man”.  

Stop by and I’m sure you too can get a creative costume that surely no one else will have.

Bonus pic or pimp costume in the making…

Vintage Sneakers