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Vintage Costume Rings & Charms


Late 1950’s Style

Courtesy of: Pre-1962 America in Color

Vintage Costume Rings


Vintage Costume Earring II


Vintage Costume Earrings


Working Hard

We are hard at work finding more clothing & footwear, as well as a little exhuasted from last weeks big rush at the shop.  More pics will be up within the week.

courtesy of

Vintage Haloween Costume…again

You may also want to be a “British/Eastern European Hitman”…

Greying Tough Guy…

or, Raging youngster…

Sunglasses, wig,  & leather jacket are form the shop.

Vintage Haloween Costumes

Here are two costumes put together exclusively with clothing, shoes, & accessories from No Relation Vintage. We have a presumed “Latino Snoop Dogg” Pimp & a “Mexican Manly Man”.  

Stop by and I’m sure you too can get a creative costume that surely no one else will have.

Bonus pic or pimp costume in the making…

Vintage Varsity Jacket