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Vintage Air Jordan 1 (1994-reissue)


These are the lovely Air Jordan 1’s reissued in orginal colorways.  They are a rare find & unfortunatly not for sale.  I thought I’d showcase them since the newer reissues are not as well made.

Vintage Sneakers

Original Air Jordan XIII

These are from 1998, in great condition in a size 11.  The price is $50, Great colorway too.

Vintage Nike basketball sneakers from 1990

VIntage Nike basketball sneakers that resemble the retroed Andre Aggasi styles released recently.  This pair is from 1990; it is impressive how well they have held up despite the yellowing of the midsole; the air-pocket is still intact.

Vintage “Skips”

To my knowlegde these are vintage “skips”, “regects”, or “generics” that kids would get when they really could not afford a pair of name brand sneakers.  Kids in those day (1970’s- 1980’s) hated to be seen wearing this type of sneaker because it meant they were poor & had no style.

Some of you might even remember a jingle that went like this:

“Regects, they cost $1.99.

Regects, & they fit so fine…”

I don’t remember the rest.  If you do please post it!!

Vintage Nike Waffle Runners (not for sale)

This vintage pair was made in 1979, and its hard to believe but they are in great dead stock condition.  During this time Nike still embossed their sole pattern patent on the bottom of the sneakers.

Vintage Air Jordan I 1985 (not for sale)

Here is a rare 1985 “banned from tv” Air Jordan I.  The reason these were so popular was because the NBA banned them from being shown on tv of print media because there was not enough white on the shoe.  From what I understand Nike paid the fines & let His airness keep wearing them because the publicity was off the wall.

these are defiantly a collectors item, therefore they are by no means for sale! I am just showcasing them to entertain; enjoy.